Wal-Mart Begins Selling Used Cars

LIVE X Auto Exchange, an online used car database, will open stores inside Wal-Mart Supercenters in the next few months. The LIVE X stores will allow Wal-Mart shoppers to buy and sell used cars and shop for financing and insurance.  There are no plans for Wal-Mart to sell cars itself, only help buyers and sellers to network.

The first stores to feature LIVE X trading floors will be in Chandler and Mesa, Ariz. and will expand to 10-15 locations by next summer, according to Auto Remarketing. The LIVE X program will also feature a fantasy garage you can fill up with dream cars.

The LIVE X program will essentially provide online classified ad listings for people without Internet access at home.  With almost 2,500 Wal-Mart Supercenters across the country, the LIVE X program should be a real option for car buyers in the future.


Photo Via WIkipedia.