Spy Shots! Mercedes-Benz’s Next Gen E63 AMG Caught Lapping the ‘Ring

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG arm has been turning out some breathtaking cars in the past couple of years. Regular luxury sedans have been crammed with the type of horsepower figures usually found in exotic supercars. In fact, when you drive one for the first time you’re almost taken aback, because no sedan should ever accelerate this fast.

So it’s fitting that when the next generation E-Class hit the drawing boards, AMG was given a version right off the bat to start developing the new E63 right alongside the regular E-Class. This means that the regular car can be designed with ridiculous power figures already in mind. This cuts cost by engineering two cars in one, and the result is a better E-Class for everyone.

Mercedes-Benz officials have already gone on record saying that all of the company’s future engines will be turbocharged. AMG is likely to follow this route as their current V8’s are quite at the limit right now. With that in mind, this sedan might not even be an E63. Chances are a reduction in displacement and a healthy dose of turbo boost will see the AMG models stay at, or surpass, thier current horsepower figures. More than 500-hp is almost a guarantee, as is a locomotive’s-worth of torque.

Recently, AMG took its latest test mule to the famous Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. It was there while on development laps that the folks at KGP Photography were able to capture these amazing shots. We can plainly see a barely-disguised new E-Class in plain view. It seems that this won’t be a radical redesign, but rather, a subtle makeover in the same way that the SL-Class was updated. We can clearly see new rectangular headlights and new mirrors but the rest seems to look exactly the same as the old model. From what we hear though, major changes will take place under the skin.

The official public debut of the regular E-Class isn’t expected until early next year. Don’t expect to see the 2010 E63 AMG until late 2009 at the earliest. For now though, here are some spy shots.



As you can see, not much is new on the outside, but on the inside it’s a different story.