Nissan’s Versa is Officially the Cheapest Car in America

The Nissan Versa is a decent little car. Sharing its underpinnings with a few European Renault models, this little hatch-back brings the goods. Now it also brings home the title of cheapest new car in America. That’s because you can now get the Versa with the previously unavailable 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine which has been available in Europe for years. 

Nissan states that previous constraints on engine production prevented them from offering the 1.6-liter in North America. Not anymore though. With a base price of $10,685, including shipping, the Versa surpasses the previous title holder, the Chevy Aveo, which has a base price of $12,625, including shipping. That’s $2,000 cheaper for what is arguably a much better car!

Though some people are worried that when they get to Nissan dealers they will only have two or three of the 1.6 models, and that dealers will try and push them into the more expensive 1.8, Nissan’s Division VP Al Castignetti said this is no case of bait and switch.

"Our dealers tell us there is demand for this," Castignetti says. "We’re setting aside one-third of our sedan production capacity for the new model."

Nissan hopes to sell about 10,000 of these new Versa 1.6 models a year.

Source: Auto Week