Nissan Tests Their New Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Nissan's new electric and hybrid vehicles

Nissan showed off their new electric car on Wednesday, packed with a battery developed by the automaker to deliver more power than the type common in current hybrids.

Nissan’s electric EV-01 is slated to go on sale in 2010 in the U.S. and Japan and globally by 2012, reports the AP and It has a 300 kilogram (660 pounds) lithium-ion battery and accelerated more quickly than comparable gas-engine cars on a Nissan Motor Co. test course. The EV-01 was very quiet when drive, which is a trademark of electric vehicles.

Also tested was Nissan’s hybrid. Nissan now purchases its hybrid system from Toyota for the Altima hybrid sold in the U.S. but is promising vehicles with its own system by 2010.

The hybrid comes with Nissan’s lithium-ion battery, although they are much smaller than the version in the electric car.

Hybrids such as the popular Toyota Prius have a nickel metal hydride battery, which is less powerful than lithium-ion. Automakers are competing to develop lithium-ion batteries for green cars.