2011 - 2010 Cadillac Cars

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New Cadillac Cars, Trucks and SUV's

You have the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. I imagine everyone has the two degrees of Cadillac. My daddy had a pink convertible. My father in law has had all shapes, sizes and colors. Today's Caddy is not only defined by luxury but now by hipness and style. From the STS to the Escalade mom's, hip-hoppers, celebrities and grandfathers drive the Cadillac brand.

Cadillac produces three (3) sedans, the CTS, the STS and the DTS. The Escalade SUV, the Escalade Truck, the SRX Station Wagon and the XLR convertible. All with cool lines and style.

Cadillac, manufactured by GM, comes with a 5-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

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