Japanese Tuner Amuse Has Squeezed More Than 600HP From the New Nissan GT-R


Power House Amuse is one of the most respectable automotive tuners in the land of the rising sun. Their specialty is taking good performance cars and making them great. The company is world-famous for their work on Nissan’s coveted Skyline GT-R. So it’s no suprise that when Nissan released their new GT-R, Amuse was one of the first tuning firms to get their mits on one.

Called the Power House Phantom GT-R, the Amuse tuning kit is based on the Black Edition GT-R model. The kit raises power to an incredible 602-hp and 571 pound-feet of torque. The Amuse treatment helped the vehicle sprint around the famous Tsukuba track in a record time of a little more than 59 seconds. To reach this level of performance necessitated the removal of the speed limiter, an electronic boost controller and a retuned ECU that allows for much higher boost pressures than stock. The vehicle’s stock exhaust is replaced by a super light titanium exhaust that jettisons the heavy silencers and catalysts for more free-flowing pieces.

All the modifications are then tuned on Amuse’s own dyno to make sure everything is copacetic. To fine-tune the handling for track use, the GT-R’s factory suspension now has stiffer, height-adjustable springs and threaded sleeves. Recaro carbon-Kevlar seats and a Momo steering wheel finish off the package, which saves a total of 100 pounds from the portly beast. All in all, it’s clear that Power House Amuse knows their way around a GT-R. Their new creation hits you with three forms of stunning: looks, performance and handling.


 A 59 second lap around Tsukuba is quite impressive.