Hyundai Joins the Hybrid Game, Claims to Have Better Battery

Hyundai unveiled its new hybrid technology at the Paris Motor Show today. The technology was shown in Hyundai’s Santa Fe SUV, but when the hybrid technology makes it to the U.S., it will most likely be in the Sonata midsize sedan, reports Ward’s Auto.

Hyundai claims its lithium-polymer battery costs less to manufacture and holds more energy than the lithium-ion batteries most automakers are using in hybrids. The lithium-polymer battery will also stand up to more physical abuse and have a longer life than other batteries.
In the Santa Fe, a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine is linked to a 40-hp electric motor.   The power is transferred through a six-speed automatic transmission. According to Hyundai, the Santa Fe will get 38 mpg.  In the smaller Sonata, that number should be even higher.

Photo via Ward’s Auto