Hybrid Owners are the Most Loyal

Those who own a hybrid vehicle are some of the most loyal buyers in the U.S. market, with 47 percent purchasing a vehicle of the same make when they buy another car, reports the AP and USA Today.

Experian Automotive’s study says that overall, 35 percent of buyers purchase the same make for their next car.
Toyota Prius owners were the most loyal to the vehicle model among hybrid buyers, with 25% returning to buy another Prius.  Toyota Motor’s hybrid owners also were the most loyal when it came to staying with Toyota.  Fifty-one percent chose another Toyota and the company’s overall loyalty rate was 44%.
Experian examined U.S. vehicle sales from January 2007 to March 2008 for the study.  The company said hybrids are the fastest-growing segment on the market, up 130% from 2005 through the first six months of this year.