Ford Releases New F-150 SFE, Meaning “Superior Fuel Economy”

Ford is listening to truck buyers. They are all crying out loud for much better fuel efficiency in their work trucks since gas prices are giving them a hard time. Ford has heard the call and instead of promising for better things in the near future, they decided to act now with what they have.

Ford’s F-150 has just had a thorough redesign and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Its powertrain like wise has just received major (and expensive) overhauls and Ford cannot afford to do much these days to change that. What Ford has done though is quite intelligent. They came up with the 2009 Ford F-150 SFE or "superior fuel economy" edition that the automaker says delivers 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway.

It does this through highly innovative ways, and some clever features. First of all, the SFE gets the new six-speed automatic transmission and a higher 3.15:1 rear axle. Then, 18-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels are shod with low-rolling-resistance tires to take advantage of every possible scenario. Here is the best part of the deal though. The SFE package will be a no-cost option on XLT SuperCrew pickups with the chrome package. It will cost $1,095 when ordered on XL SuperCrew pickups with the decor package.

Small beans especially if you are buying for the long haul. Ford says an 8 percent improvement in fuel economy across the entire lineup of V8 F-150s is the "result of using lightweight ultra-high-strength steel to lighten the truck up to 100 pounds versus the current model and aerodynamic refinements. The F-150 also regulates gas consumption by using aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff," Ford noted in a statement. "The fuel shutoff is automatic and requires no unusual actions from the driver."

While Ford’s new effort might not make a monumental difference, it makes a difference nontheless. Small refinements that add up to a substantial difference indeed.


 SFE gets the job done while consuming less dino juice.