Chrysler to Unveil 7 New Models in 2010

Chrysler plans to introduce seven major vehicle models in 2010 and remains on track to meet its internal financial targets for 2008, Vice Chairman and President Jim Press said Wednesday.

Press said the potential government support of $25 billion or more for automakers as loan guarantees could help speed up the development of advance technologies, reports Reuters and USA Today.
Press said Chrysler has been working on developing a series of electric-drive vehicles, including plug-in hybrid cars, but didn’t say when these vehicles would be manufactured or sold.
"We are very seriously looking at the development of electric cars," Press said.  "I think the battery technology is moving forward, and we have made good progress in adapting these new technologies and bringing them from the laboratory to the street."
Press also said the automaker is developing a midsize or what’s known as a "D segment" vehicle but declined to give details.
Press said the automaker was still "on target" to meet its internal financial goals for 2008.
"We haven’t fallen off the table yet," he said.