Cadillac Releases Official Horsepower Numbers For its CTS-V

Cadillac has released the official numbers for the new CTS-V performance sedan and they don’t disappoint. While the first CTS-V was rated at about 450-hp, this new one makes a whopping 550 ponies, according to SAE testing. That’s a 100-horse increase! GM is always a little off in their horse counting, and usually to the benefit of consumers.

Most of their performance products have a bit more power than stated when they hit the streets. In fact, I would not be surprised if when it came out and people start strapping themselves to the dynometers that they will pump out closer to 570-hp! The reason for this power increase is a little boost, as in forced induction. That’s right, the next CTS-V will have a roots-type supercharger atop its eight-cylinder Corvette powerplant. Enough power to post an impressive lap at the Nurburgring and impress more than one German engineer. At this point, I’m impressed too.


Apparently Cadillac feels the best way to corral 550 horses is with chrome mesh.