BMW Releases Teaser Video of its New Concept X1

BMW is at it again with this new teaser of its upcoming concept, called the X1. The concept will eventually evolve in the production X1, which will debut worldwide sometime in 2010.

The video starts off with a young guy skating about the city. Then it cuts to the Concept X1 rolling off a truck and into a garage. The majority of the crossover’s body is covered in a cloth camouflage, but the clearly visible greenhouse and wheels hint at the X1’s styling. Meanwhile, the skater sprays the car’s name on a wall, while phrases like "spontaneous mobility" and "cool elegance" flash on the screen.

While an interseting attempt on BMW’s part to generate some excitement, it comes off as a bit cheesy. Most intersting to me is how the young skater, who is the star of this video, belongs to a demographic that could never afford a car like this. Here is a link to the video on YouTube.