BMW Looking to Bring Four-Cylinder 3-Series to U.S.

BMW recently announced that the company is thinking about bringing a four-cylinder engine to its 3-Series lineup here in the states. The most obvious candidate would be the direct injection 2.0-liter in the European 320i. The same engine also powers the 120i and both models have been strong sellers overseas for a few years now.

With Audi and Mercedes-Benz already comitted to bringing four-cylinders and diesels to their 2008 lineup, it’s only natural that BMW would follow suit. If those guys are doing it, it’s because there is money in it. The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder that we would get is quite a nice engine. Generating a peak 167-hp and giving excellent fuel economy, it’ll be the perfect blend of performance and economy.

The company’s outstanding 123d or 320d four-cylinder turbo-diesels will be out of the loop for now though, which is a shame. While BMW might feel that the North American BMW 3-Series driver isn’t ready for a four-cylinder diesel model, I, for one, have been ready for years.