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Auto Loan Rate News

Auto loan rate news

Santander Consumer USA Promotes for Arranging Car Financing Deals in America

If you’re struggling to get approved for a “bad credit car loan” or just below the mark for easy 2011 car financing, you might just get what you need with a new auto loan service that is expanding aggressively throughout the U.S. A program called is ramping up in a wide variety of U.S. communities, offering a chance to get guaranteed financing and avoid the kinds[...] .. Read More.

VW Opens Tennessee Plant, Pushes Passat

Fans of German auto engineering are excited about the Volkswagen company’s new auto plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where production is already underway, and the company plans to start cranking out a lot of new Volkswagen Passat sedans for the North American market. The new Tennessee plant is a new milestone for the German company’s interaction with American drivers; the last time [...] .. Read More.

Reverse Auctions: How Lenders Compete to Finance Your Vehicle

With the Internet putting its mark on a wide spectrum of financial agreements from mortgages to retail, new ‘reverse auction’ sites are bringing this kind of innovation to the market for unsecured personal loans, and that means more options for getting approved for new and used car financing. A recent announcement from lending auction site MoneyAisle typifies this kind of fast-growi[...] .. Read More.

Zero Percent Auto Loan Rate New Car Incentives in April 2011

April new car shoppers will find an array of 0 percent auto loan rate deals across several different vehicles and automotive brands. The interest-free incentives are still available on some remaining 2010 vehicles, but more new 2011 vehicles are being offered with the auto loan rate incentive. Keep in mind that to receive most of these 0 percent auto loan incentives, you have to have a good cred[...] .. Read More.


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