Zendaya Is Mad About Her Car Getting Dirty

By Ross Edwards
Wednesday, Feb 25 2015 05:00

Zendaya is your new go-to source for righteous indignation after someone trying to be the next Joan Rivers on one of the inane, insipid TV shows making comments about people’s clothes at an awards show said her dreadlocks probably smelled like weed and patchouli oil. Zendaya pulled out all the stops, saying that she “was hit with ignorant slurs and pure disrespect,” so she’ll be hired by another fashion show trying to look progressive before next year’s awards shows start.

Zendaya is a singer and model and former Disney Channel Star, all of which make her far more likely to smell like weed than her hair do, if we’re stereotyping people. She also drives a Lexus GS that she’s apparently pretty particular about. She posted this picture to Instagram with the caption “Pretty much all I was thinking during this pic (Get you d*******mn foot off my car)”


Image source: Zendaya's Instagram

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