More Than One Prius Equals Prii

By Liz Opsitnik
Monday, Feb 21 2011 10:49

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. announced over the weekend that the public has selected "Prii" as the preferred term for the plural of Prius. The public voted online during a campaign that started Jan. 10 during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

During the campaign, named "The Prius Goes Plural", Toyota unveiled the Toyota Prius family of vehicles. The new Prius family of vehicles will include the Prius Plug-in Hybrid vehicle (PHV), Prius v and Prius c concept. Toyota said the word Prii has been added to's entry for Prius. The other plural options were Prius, Priuses, Prium and Prien.

"Community has always been a big part of the Prius brand, so it was only fitting that we invite the online communities to participate in the plural discussion," Colin Morisako, advertising manager for Toyota, said in a statement. "The people have spoken - Prii will be the accepted term used to describe multiple Prius vehicles going forward."

The current 2011 Prius Hybrid is available in February with 0 percent auto loan financing for three years, 1.9 percent for four years and 2.9 percent for five years. Lessees can take advantage of a $189 per month lease deal on the 2011 Prius in February for 39 months with $2,188 due at signing.

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