Tom Brady Plans to Give His Chevy Colorado MVP Gift to Malcolm Butler

By Ross Edwards
Wednesday, Feb 04 2015 05:00

Tom Brady was the official MVP of the Super Bowl, but anyone who watched the game remembers pretty clearly that someone else won the game for the New England Patriots. Malcolm Butler’s last minute goal line interception turned the game from a loss to a win in an instant.

Tom Brady remembers too, and told Boston radio station WEEI that he wants to give his MVP present, a 2015 Chevy Colorado, to Butler.

"I would love to give him the truck," Brady said. "I would love to do that. I'm going to figure out how to make that work. A guy like Malcolm who makes that type of instinctive, quick play, that's one of his strong suits. I don't think it surprised any of us players, because that's really what his skill set is. A lot of people didn't get to see that over the course of the season. It comes off as a great play, which it really was, obviously the biggest time of the year. Someone had to make a play. It happened to be Malcolm."

Tom Brady won’t miss a new truck much, even a $35,000 one like the four-door Z71 that he was given for winning MVP, he was given an Audi S8 to drive when he was sponsored by Audi.



Source: LA Times

Image via Yahoo

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