Spy Shots! BMW’s Next Generation Z4 Gets Caught Out

BMW’s Z4 is an interesting car. It might just be the only example in which designer Chris Bangle’s "Flame Surfacing" design language actually works. While a radical departure from the Z3 it replaces, the Z4 was nonetheless a great sporty roadster in the best of BMW traditions. Now it has come to that time where the beloved Z4 will have to bow out to the crowd and make room for the all new Z4 (if that’s what they’ll call it…Z5 perhaps?) and it promises to be a great car.

First thing we can point out is that this current prototype is a convertible hardtop. This eliminates the need to have both a convertible and a fixed-roof version of the Z4 in the same showroom. While it sounds all good from a business standpoint, expect this to jack up Z4 prices across the board beacuse of the added expense and complexity in the manufacturing of such a system.

From a design standpoint, it looks like they won’t mess too much with a good thing. It looks like various design cues from the new 7-Series have made it to the new Z4, including the prominent grill, so expect this to be the framework for an all new design language (thank you!) and to be incorporated into future BMW’s.

Power will most definitely come from the current crop of inline six engines currently found in the 1 and 3-Series. These include the naturally aspirated and twin-turbo 3.0-liters that power the 328i and 335i. That’s all we know for now, but make sure to keep checking back here as this is one hot little number I’ll be keeping my eyes on.



Lots of care has been taken to disguise BMW’s next great roadster.

Source: Car And Driver

Photos: World Car Fans