Smarts Don’t Sell - Scion iQ Will Be Dropped From The Lineup Due to Slow Sales

By Ross Edwards
Friday, Jan 30 2015 05:00

Scion is discovering what millions of intelligent but lonely high school boys could have told them: nobody is impressed by your iQ.

Scion’s brand chief Doug Murtha attributed the iQ’s unpopularity to the size of the car. He cited anxiety about the car’s safety, despite the four-star crash rating and 11 airbags Scion installed (including the world’s first rear curtain airbag), and the car’s price as the two major reasons the car never gained popularity. The iQ is larger than the Smart Car, 14 inches longer and 5 inches wider.

The main problem with the iQ is it’s price. The Yaris, which is significantly larger and has a back seat and a trunk, has a starting point about $1,600 lower than the iQ. Even with optional equipment, the iQ is a hard sell when compared to the Yaris and the rest of the subcompact crop that all offer more size. The only major advantage the iQ has is the ability to nose into parallel parking spots, which isn’t that important if you’re a competent driver.

The iQ will be replaced by Scion’s new iM, which is a wagon built on the Toyota Corolla platform, and one other car that should launch this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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