Smart Offers 2.99 Percent Auto Loan Rates or Customer Cash in March

By Liz Opsitnik
Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 12:09

Smart is featuring low auto loan rate financing or customer cash on its micro car, the fortwo, in March. Smart offered auto lease incentives the past few months, but is not offering any lease deals this month.

Smart's 2.99 percent auto loan rate is available on all three trim levels of the 2010 fortwo in March. There is no specified length of the auto loan at the low interest rate, so check with your local smart dealership to see if there is a maximum loan length.

The 2010 smart pure coupe has $1,500 in customer cash in March.

Smart's customer cash incentive is available on all three versions of its 2010 fortwo this month. Customer cash of $1,000 is good on the passion coupe and passion cabriolet in March. Smart's pure coupe has $1,500 in customer cash this month.

The customer cash cannot be combined with the low auto loan rate incentive. Customer cash is good for shoppers who prefer to pay cash for a new smart fortwo or would rather finance the auto loan through their bank or credit union. Smart's 2.99 percent auto loan rate is only for well-qualified buyers through Mercedes-Benz Financial.

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