NHTSA Probes Lexus Over Unintended Accelaration

It’s a claim that almost killed Audi in this country and now it’s being said of the Lexus ES350. People are claiming that they are experiencing "unintended acceleration" in their Lexus ES350 sedans.

Now after receiving 40 complaints of unintended acceleration and reports of eight crashes, including one involving seven vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has elevated its investigation of 98,454 2007 Lexus ES 350 sedans to an engineering analysis. Apperantly the fault seems to be with Lexus’s accessory all-weather floor mats. The NHTSA probe will look into whether improperly installed all-weather floor mats result in "interference with accelerator pedal movement."

The NHTSA further said that "the operators allege they experience unwanted acceleration and were unable to stop the vehicle to avoid collision. Four of the five crashes are multi-vehicle (one involving seven vehicles) and two resulted in total loss damages (one involving a fire)."

The federal agency said one injury, which resulted from a rollover crash, "was significant" and that the person "continues to show symptoms." Yikes! Of course Toyota has denied any wrong-doing and is saying there is no defect with its floor mats and basically calling these poor people crazy.

The NHTSA said "Toyota believes the subject vehicles and the all-weather mat do not contain a safety-related defect and that the actions they have taken are sufficient to address any future concerns." I’m pretty sure the victim of that rollover accident feels quite differently about the situation. Toyota has sent a mailing packet to owners of the 2007 Lexus ES 350 warning of the dangers of improper mat installation. That’s all they have done so far to appease the problem and the more than 50 victims involved in this. For shame Toyota, for shame.