2011 - 2010 Scion Cars

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New Scion Cars

Customization is key for Scion's three models of cars. Toyota introduced the line in 2003 and aimed it at young Generation Y drivers. Scion's cars are affordable, stylish, cool and very customizable to make them personal to each driver.

Scion offers the tC coupe and the boxy xB and xD five-door hatchback sedans/wagons. While the three Scion models come in only one spec trim, young buyers have tons of options for aftermarket accessories. Scion has also released limited editions of their vehicles, with bright paint colors and custom options. These limited edition releases often sell-out quickly and are usually pre-ordered at the dealer.

The hip Scion models are offered at what they call "pure price", eliminating young shoppers' need to negotiate. "The dealer's advertised price is the price you pay," according to their ads. A Scion will run you from about $14,550 to $17,800.

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