2011 - 2010 Mercury Cars

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New Mercury Cars and SUV's

Mercury has made quite resurgence in recent years due to the popularity of one-time 'Punk'd' actress Jill Wagner who has made viewers turn heads for the last several years in the Mercury commercials.

Mercury, the sister company of Lincoln, was defined by sedans such as the Grand Marquis but in more recent times with SUV's like the Mercury Mariner and Mountaineer. The Mercury Mariner Hybrid has outstanding gas mileage in addition to the quiet luxury Mercury is known for.

Mercury also produces two sedans for the mid-size market, the Sable and Milan.

Mercury’s main competition comes from Buick. The company has built a following of people looking for the comfort of a luxury car without the flashy, in-your-face styling that usually comes with a luxury car.

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