2011 - 2010 Lincoln Cars

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New Lincoln Cars Trucks and SUV's

Since 1920 Lincoln has been the luxury car division for Ford. Throughout the years the brand was associated with large, comfortable sedans. As recent as 1998 Lincoln was the #1 selling luxury car in the USA but car manufacturers like Lexus, Infiniti and Mercedes blew by them in sales. Now in the 2009/2010 model years, Lincoln makes more trucks and SUV's than sedans.

For the 2009/2010 model years, Lincoln makes three sedans. The Lincoln MKS and MKZ are both modern midsize sedans, and the Towncar is a gigantic Dinosaur, which has remained basically unchanged since the early 90s. Lincoln manufacturers 3 SUV type vehicles, the full-sized truck based Lincoln Navigator, the mid size crossover SUV the Lincoln MKX, and the large crossover MKT.

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