2011 - 2010 Lexus Cars

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New Lexus Cars and SUV's

Lexus is the top selling luxury car brand in the United States. Launched by Toyota in 1989, Lexus features four sedans, three SUV's and a convertible in its 2009/2010 lineup. Lexus also produces a large line of hybrid vehicles within each class.

The sedans includes the IS entry level model, ES and GS mid size level models and LS luxury large size models. The SUV line includes the mid-size RX and GX models and the full size LX models. The SC convertible completes the Lexus lineup.

The Lexus Hybrid series includes the GS450H, the RX400H and the LS600H. Lexus’ newest hybrid is the HS 250H, which is based on the Toyota Prius but offers a much higher level of luxury than its plebian cousin.

Lexus vehicles are not cheap. You are looking at $30,000 on the low end and about $100,000 on the high end.

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