2011 - 2010 Infiniti Cars

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New Infiniti Cars and SUV's

Launched in 1989 as the luxury car division of Nissan, Infiniti is known for luxury, performance and quality.

You are not touching one for less than 32K. The Infiniti G Series comes in two models the G35 sedan and G37 Coupe and sells for less than $40,000. The M Series Luxury Sedans are available for less than $50,000 and come in two models also the M35 and M45.

Infiniti also makes a sleek line of SUV's. On the low end are the EX35 and FX45. The higher end models the FX45 and QX56 sell in the $50-$60,000 range.

Remember when you buy an Infiniti that the replacement parts on these vehicles are hard to come by in the aftermarket and will cost you a bundle. Factor that in when you are considering what car you can afford.

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