2011 - 2010 Honda Cars

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New Honda Cars, Trucks and SUV's

If you were around in the 70's and early 80's you probably made fun of and the people that drove Honda Civics. You now know the joke is on you and you probably have owned a Honda throughout the years. Today's new Honda models range from little sports coupes to sedans and pickup trucks.

It all starts with the Honda Civic and Civic Hybrid the old standby compact sedan and coupe. Next up is America's favorite the Honda which also comes in a coupe model. For the sun seekers there is the Honda S2000 convertible. Surfer, boarder or just dirty? Take a look at the Honda Element with washable floors and sunroofs everywhere. Looking to haul around some wood or work gear the sharp Honda Ridgeline is calling you out. Cost conscious Honda buyers might want to look at the Honda Fit. Moms drive the Honda Pilot SUV.

Honda is famous for making a dependable vehicle with good gas mileage and a sharp design.

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