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New BMW Cars and SUV's

Known as one of the world's greatest luxury brands, BMW produces eight (8) model series for 2009/2010.

BMW cars include the debut of the BMW 1 Series, which includes the 128i Coupe and 135i Coupe. The BMW 3 series includes the 328 and the 335. The Classic BMW 5 Series which includes the 528, 535 and 550. The stylish BMW 6 series 650. The old standby BMW 7 Series 750 which received a makeover in 2007.

BMW Sports Coupes include the Z4 convertible the BMW M series, which include the M3, M5 and M6.

The BMW SUV is a staple on the roads these days. This includes the smallish BMW X3, the BMW X5 and the Sporty X6.

BMW 760

The BMW 7 Series is the flagship of BMWs fleet. Major competition comes from the Mercedes-Benz S class and the Lexus LS. BMW is serious about its dedication to building drivers' cars, and the 7 Series is no exception. The 7 Series is obviously a luxury car first and foremost, but BMW has spent quite a bit of time making sure it performs like a sports car.

The BMW 7 series is available with two different engines. The 750 has a 360-hp V8 while the 760 has a 438-hp V12. The 750i is 5 inches shorter than the 750li and the 760li. The BMW Alpina B7 has a supercharged V8 with 500-hp, much more aggressive body styling and an upgraded suspension.

At well over $100,000, the BMW 7 Series is the most expensive BMW currently for sale. BMWs have a strong reputation for reliability and high resale values.

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2010 BMW 760 Li - $137,000

2010 BMW 760 Li
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Series: 4dr Sdn 760Li RWD
MPG: 13 / 19

What others have said about the 2010 BMW 760 Li:

The ultimate driver's luxury sedan.

- New Car Test Drive

Instrumentation is among the best in the business for clarity and simplicity.

The BMW 7-series is the pinnacle of BMW sedans. A big luxury sedan that is loaded with state-of-the-art technology to keep you safe on today's roads.
- Model Reviews