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2013 - 2012 Cadillac Cars

Search for a 2013 - 2012 new Cadillac car at by category, make, and model. Our new Cadillac car research section includes pricing, photos, specs, rebates, incentives, reviews, and more.


New Cadillac Cars, Trucks and SUV's

Cadillac is a luxury brand owned by General Motors and is the second oldest American automotive brand behind Buick. The Cadillac luxury brand started in 1902 and is headquartered in Warren, Mich.

Mid-century Cadillac cars were knows for their rounded lines, tailfins and big interiors. Modern-day Cadillac cars and SUVs are known for their hard lines and edgy styling.

Cadillac offers shoppers the CTS, STS and DTS sedans and one wagon, the CTS Sport Wagon. Cadillac's only coupe is the CTS Coupe. The SRX Crossover and Escalade round out Cadillac's SUV offerings. The Escalade also comes in Hybrid, ESV and EXT versions.

Cadillac's V lineup is a higher-performance, sportier version of three different models. The CTS-V Sedan, CTS-V Coupe and CTS-V Wagon make up the V lineup.

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