Share Not Accepting New Members

Last week, we reported that was under fire for a dispute about their advertising. The Better Business Bureau met with the company on July 9, after challenging their advertising about their offer.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s Web site, "The company’s merchant services provider, PowerPay, has assured the Bureau that membership fees processed by them on behalf of customers have been placed in a non-interest bearing escrow account. As of this date acknowledges it does not have a contract in place with a vendor who can process transactions with gas stations across the country, and they have suspended accepting membership fees."

Although they aren’t taking any new members, what is going to happen to the existing members who already paid to use these gas cards?

According to the company’s Web site, they offer a gas card program where you can "buy your gallons in advance at your MyGallons price at the time of purchase and then redeem your gallons at the pump after the prices have risen". There is an annual membership fee ranging from $29.95 to $39.95, depending on the program you choose.

I think the most interesting thing about this whole controversy is that there isn’t one single complaint about on the Better Business Bureau’s Web site. Are the current members ok with paying $30 or $40 for a membership they can’t use?