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Get Ready To Rage: Chrysler Plans to Use a Loophole to Pay Executives More Than $500,000
Just one day after Chrysler announced that it would be forcing almost 800 dealerships to close in the beginning of June, ABC News is reporting that Fiat and Chrysler are working on finding a way to pay Chrysler executives more than the $500,000 per year salary limit imposed by the government on any business that took bailout money. Fiat is planning to list Chrysler executives as Fiat employees so[...] .. Read More.
Ferrari Will Auction Final F430 to Benefit Earthquake Victims
On May 17, Ferrari will auction off the last F430 that will ever be built to benefit victims of the recent earthquake in the Abruzzo region of Italy. The car will be painted silver and orange, the colors of Aquila, the city most affected by the earthquake. All proceeds from this weekend’s auction will go toward helping rebuild the Abruzzo region. Ferrari’s Chairman, Luca di Montezem[...] .. Read More.
Battery Switching Stations Could Make Electric Cars Practical
The one major issue that has kept electric cars from becoming a common sight throughout the world is their slow recharge time. Once you reach the end of an electric car’s range, you need to recharge the battery. Even with the fast chargers some EV makers sell, it takes a few hours to fully charge an electric car's battery. That makes long trips impossible in an electric car. There is a so[...] .. Read More.
Zapatag Gives You a Public Outlet For Road Rage
If someone cuts you off in traffic, you’ve got a couple options. You can let it go and leave the anger to simmer inside of you for years until you become one of those old people who screams at the grocery store clerk for not carrying Moxie anymore. You could also do what most people chose to, and respond by honking and swearing creatively so that all the drivers around you know that somet[...] .. Read More.


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