Trim Monthly Expenses by Refinancing Your Car Loan
If you need to cut some of your monthly expenses or if you had bad credit when you bought your car, look into refinancing your car loan. It takes a few minutes to apply online, and you’ll get a response almost immediately. See which lenders offer you the best rate and make sure the new loan is for the same term or less to save the most money.[...] .. Read More.
High Credit Score Not Required to Refinance
Even if you don’t have a prime credit score (700 and above), you can still qualify for a refinance car loan. There are sub-prime and specialty lenders who can refinance car loans for consumers who don’t have perfect credit.[...] .. Read More.
Refinancing an Auto Loan Helps Improve Credit
When you refinance your car loan, it helps your credit. The new lender pays off your current loan in full. This shows up on your credit report as a loan paid off, on time in full. Even though you will have a new loan, it still increases your credit score.[...] .. Read More.
How Soon Can You Refinance Your Car Loan?
Wait three to six months after buying your car to look into refinancing your auto loan. The more payments you make, the better your credit will be when you apply for a refinance car loan. Refinancing can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.[...] .. Read More.
Refinancing a Car Loan Can Save Money and Improve Credit Refinancing a Car Loan Can Save Money and Improve Credit
When most people hear the word “refinance”, they associate it with their home mortgage, a lot of paperwork and expensive fees. What consumers don't really know is that by refinancing their car loan, they can save money on the interest they are paying and can actually improve their credit in the process. Popular misconceptions about auto loan refinancing are that only people [...] .. Read More.

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