Lewis Hamilton Takes His Bulldog For a Spin In His Classic Mustang GT500

By Ross Edwards
Wednesday, Feb 11 2015 05:00

Lewis Hamilton took his British Bulldog and his classic Mustang Shelby GT500 for a ride to Venice Beach in an effort to make me as jealous as possible. Not only does Hamilton have the world’s greatest job, a garage full of AMGs and millions of dollars, he’s also got a dog he can take places without it freaking out and trying to bite someone. Oh, and a gorgeous Shelby GT500.

Beach day last Sunday with my Coco, and my #shelbyGT500 #BEAST #Eleanor

Less than 5,000 real Shelby GT500s were sold from 1967-1970, according to The Car Source, so if Hamilton’s is an original Shelby, it’s a very rare car. Lots of Mustangs were converted to GT500 looks and performance, but if Hamilton can definitely afford a real Eleanor. The Shelby GT500 was fitted with a 428 cubic inch (7.0 liter) engine with two four-barrel carbs.

Coco, the dog who frolicked on the beach with Lewis, is not the same hard partyer that he had to DD for in the past.

Source: Lewis Hamilton's Instagram

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