It’s Finally Here! Gas Has Reached $4 a Gallon Nationwide

The average price for a gallon of regular gas has reached $4 over the weekend. This is the first time ever gas has reached this price level.

The bad news is there’s no foreseeable end in sight. Prices are expected to keep climbing, especially after last week’s surge in oil prices, which neared $140 a barrel in a record-shattering rally Friday, reports the AP and

This also means that prices will go up on items that get transported to your area, like groceries, to offset the high gas prices.

California drivers have been paying more than $4 a gallon for a while now. California has an average of $4.436 a gallon, which is the highest in the country. Missouri’s drivers are lucky enough to have the U.S.’s lowest average price of $3.802 a gallon.

I can only hope that in a couple months I’m not reporting that gas has topped the $5 a gallon level!