Ha Ha Clinton Dix Buys His Mom A Cadillac SRX

By Ross Edwards
Monday, Jan 12 2015 05:00

What do you get for the woman who gave you the greatest name in the history of names? A Caddy. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix bought his mom a Cadillac SRX for a new year’s present. Ha Ha’s mom will be riding in style now.

With out you sacrificing for me every year I wouldn't be living in my dreams right now and I just wanted to start your year off with a twist happy New Years mommy❤. Thanks for the help sis

A New Year’s present seems kind of weird, but it makes more sense than Floyd Mayweather’s mom buying him a car (like he doesn’t have enough) for the 4th of July.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix deserves credit for getting the SRX rather than the flashier Escalade. He’s got more money than most, but opted for the $40,000 SRX over the $75,000 Escalade, which is a smart move.


Source: Instagram

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