Ford to Build New Luxury Crossover

Ford is expected to announce today that it plans to build a new, seven passenger luxury crossover, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The new Lincoln MKT crossover is slated to start production next year.  The three-row crossover will share the same architecture as the new Ford Flex, but will be much sleeker in its design compared with the boxy Flex. The MKT’s chief designer said it will be the "Learjet of the road."
Lincoln’s MKT will probably be manufactured at the same plant where the Flex is built in Oakville, Ontario, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.
MKT will rival the Acura MDX, Audi Q7 and Mercedes R class.  The crossover isn’t designed to be a large production run though, as Ford expects to sell only about 25,000 MKTs.
In the new era of fuel-economy popularity, the MKT will come only with a V-6 engine, not the V-8.  Eventually, Ford’s new, more powerful Eco-Boost engine is also expected to be an option.