Fit For King Arthur: 2016 Toyota Avalon Gets a Well Deserved Makeover

By Ross Edwards
Tuesday, Feb 17 2015 05:00

As the largest and most expensive car, the Avalon should be the forefront of the company’s styling, the head of the Knights of the Round Table. Instead, the Avalon is reduced to a figurehead, the impotent king whose styling is years behind the Land of Toyota’s noble knight Sir Camry, the squire Corolla and even the page-boy Yaris. The Avalon’s antiquated and not particularly attractive looks make the car’s $10,000 premium over the Camry a tough maiden to defend the virtue of. (Ok I’m done with the King Arthur jokes.)

The 2016 Toyota Avalon will hope to rectify that egregious slight on its honor (I lied about the jokes ending) with a redesign bringing the large car up to date. The front end styling is the most noticeable upgrade, bringing the Avalon from the last corporate grill to the current one.

The 2016 Avalon has new LED headlights, new turn signals and the previously mentioned new grill. Power will come from the same 268-hp V6 or 200-hp hybrid four-cylinder engines as the 2015 model.


Source: The Truth About Cars

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