Dynamite Diesel: BMW’s 2009 330d


When BMW’s new, face-lifted 3-Series arrives on our shores, it will be offered in one new tasty flavor, diesel. One of the companies that has been pioneering modern diesel technology in recent years, BMW has never offered a diesel model stateside. Things are about to change though.

For 2009, the folks in Bavaria have deemed it fit to import their awesome 330d turbo diesel sedan. The potent inline-6 engine generates 275-hp and a staggering 385ft-lbs of torque. Those numbers are good enough for a 6-second sprint to 60mph, which equals the gas-powered 330i already sold here. The difference is really felt at the pump where the 330d returns an impressive 41mpg on the highway.

Blue Performance, a system that injects an urea solution into the exhaust system to minimize particulate air emissions, ensures that the 2009 BMW 330d also conforms to all relevant emission regulations here in North America. The mid-life restyle has toned down the controversial Chris Bangle styling and has given the standard BMW a more elegant look.

LED’s now adorn the headlamps and tail lamps and the trademark kidney grill has been worked over. Inside, the most noticeable (and quite welcome) change has been the simplification of the iDrive’s operation. The new system is a lot more intuitive and addresses the previous complaints.

Look for the cars to start popping up at dealer showrooms by early next year. Also expect a slight price premium over the regular gas-powered 330i. No matter, the new BMW 330d will pair excellent economy with similar performance. That’s worth a premium in my book.


No matter what they do, this is usually the view that the 3-Series’ competition gets to see.