Deadmau5's Custom Built Jeep Wrangler JK

By Ross Edwards
Monday, Feb 16 2015 05:00

DJ Deadmau5 knows how to have fun when the weather gets bad. Snowstorms preclude using a Ferrari for anything but a very expensive and very large piece of artwork, so Deadmau5 has a custom Jeep Wrangler JK with a lift kit, wheels, tires, fenders and a ton of offroad lights.

Deadmau5 shared this picture of his fully built Jeep JK with the caption "So maybe we got it a little dirty. Other than that, I'm super happy with it! Thanks @divine1customs @rigidnation @rockfordfoosgate DPR wheels, and all the rest!!!"

Most people would prefer Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat themed Ferrari 458 Italia, but his Jeep is beautiful and probably more fun to drive. (How often do you get to use all 562 horsepower the Ferrari has?) The Jeep JK is the most popular vehicles for people looking for a unique car to set themselves apart from the crowd. Dwayne Wade and Dan Henderson both have black Wranglers, while Kevin Durant and Carlos Boozer both have white JKs and Teyana Taylor has a green one. Blake Anderson from Workaholics has the best paint job, his Wrangler has an American flag theme.


Pictures via Deadmau5's Instagram

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