Darren McFadden’s Dogs Live the Good Life Riding around in His Classic Chevy C10

By Ross Edwards
Monday, Mar 16 2015 05:00

Darren McFadden of the Dallas Cowboys is definitely ready for the country vibe in Texas. On his days of he rides around in his pickup truck with his dog. If my understanding of country songs is right, is one of the only things people do in Texas is ride around in pickup trucks with dogs, so Darren McFadden should fit in well there.

Here are McFadden’s dogs Rex and Capone hanging out in the bed of his custom Chevy C10 stepside.

And another of his dog Capone ready to go for a ride in the C10 truck.

Quick trip to tha tire shop wit my ridin buddy

If you own a dog, you know that there’s no way that a dog only comes along for a quick trip in the car. Even after they’ve left, our furry friends leave tokens of their presence to remember them by. Capone looks like a drooler too.

Had to clean her up after Capone drooled all over. #sevendeuce #c10stepside S/O #monstertransmission #eatmyshift


Source: Darren McFadden's Instagram

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