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Daily auto finance news


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  • GM Releases YouTube Video Asking for Bailout Support
  • Ford Reportedly Will Offer Employee Pricing
  • BMW Announces Diesel Prices
  • New Models Mean Deep Discounts on Leftovers
  • Auto Czar May be Appointed by Obama
  • Ford Not Relying on Bailout for Survival
  • Congress Considering Tax Deductions on New Cars
  • GM to Lay Off 1,060 Workers at Lordstown, Ohio Plant and Possibly Push Back Production of New Chevy Cruze
  • Automakers Could be Included in $700 Billion Bailout
  • Like Rats From a Sinking Ship, GM Workers Are Exiting in Droves
  • If a Detroit Automaker Fails, Job Losses in the Millions Could Spread to Many Other Sectors
  • Dealers Turn to Credit Unions to Get Auto Loans for Their Customers
  • Obama Plans to Help Auto Industry
  • GM's Fate Uncertain, Chrysler Merger a No-Go
  • Hybrid Tax Rebates Expiring
  • Automakers Could See $25 Billion Loan by January
  • Car Dealers Divided Over Sunday Sales
  • GMAC Loses $2.52 Billion in Third Quarter
  • Chinese Companies Build Knockoffs of Popular Cars
  • American Automakers May Get Another $25 Billion Loan
  • GM October Sales Plunge 45%; Ford's Sink 30% and Toyota Down 23%
  • Air-Powered Cars May Hit America Soon
  • Minivan Celebrates 25th Anniversary But How Much Longer Will it Be Around?
  • Nissan's Versa is Officially the Cheapest Car in America
  • GM, Chrysler Merger on Hold After Treasury Says No to Aid