Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rolls Royce

By Ross Edwards
Wednesday, Mar 11 2015 05:00

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man with a lot of style and a lot of money. So it’s no surprise that the world-class footballer (or soccerer for our non euro-friendly readers) drives a Rolls Royce. Ronaldo has a nice view of the acres of leather and the Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood as he drives to work in the morning.

Ronaldo also has an Audi RS6 Avant, which is much more utilitarian than his Rolls-Royce. Of course he only has the RS6 Avant because he was given it thanks to Audi sponsoring his team Real Madrid, he doesn’t really need the extra space.

Fellow footballer David Beckham also has a Rolls Royce, along with a McLaren MP412-C and an Audi S8.


Source: Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram

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