Chris Brown’s New Custom Range Rover With Gold Rims

By Ross Edwards
Friday, Mar 13 2015 05:00

Chris Brown’s constantly changing custom car collection is a never ending source of entertainment. While some celebrities change cars constantly, Chris Brown’s car collection changes all the time while his actual cars stay the same. It’s like being a car trader without the pesky depreciation.

His Lamborghini Aventador has been through a few different looks. Brown’s Lambo has been baby blue, had a tattoo paint job, and has been painted camo to match a shoe, but best of all was when he had a Gallardo and painted it like a Hotwheels car. His Porsche Panamera also got a personal touch with a few monsters spray painted on the side. Now his Range Rover has it's own look too and even though it doesn’t stand out like his usual customizations, but it is pretty good looking.

Kept it nice & clean for my bro @chrisbrownofficial Blacked out everything and we put some 24"Savini gold brushed wheels!!

Source: JC Customs Instagram

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