Bob Lutz Talks About the Chevy Volt with Stephen Colbert

On Wednesday’s Colbert Report on Comedy Central, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was interviewed by Stephen Colbert about the unveiling of the new Chevy Volt.

If you are a fan of the Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report, you know that these interviews can get a little awkward when John or Stephen ask the more probing questions.
Stephen asks Mr. Lutz about the electric Volt and they also get into global warming. I’m surprised Mr. Lutz agreed to appear on the show. He doesn’t seem the type but he must know that a lot of younger viewers get their news from these two shows on Comedy Central and that it would be a good show to appear on.
Even though Mr. Lutz seems to be a little old-school, he actually handles the interview well and makes a few jokes during it that even made me laugh.