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Cash Back Gas Credit Cards Can Save Money
Those looking to save money on gas might be able to try using gas rewards credit cards to help save a few bucks while filling the tank. When you use these credit cards at gas stations to fill your tank, you can earn anywhere from one to six percent cash back. Other cards have different incentives, like accumulating points to put toward rewards, gift card rewards, introductory APR's and no annual [...] .. Read More.
Gas Prices Drop For 11th Day in a Row
The average price for a gallon of gas has dropped to $3.958 after 11 straight days of declining prices, according to AAA. Motorists haven't seen this price since May, signaling that we might have seen gas prices peak for the summer and they could be on their way back down. Ethanol now costs $3.222 a gallon and diesel is averaging $4.736 a gallon, reports Both fuels dropped a bit in[...] .. Read More.
Southern Drivers Hit Hardest by High Gas Prices
Drivers in the southern part of the U.S. have been hit the hardest by increased gas prices, according to a report released Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group. The report also said that state governments in the south should take more steps to help cut fuel consumption, reports AOL and Reuters. The report, called "Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States' O[...] .. Read More.
Church's Gas Card Raffle had an interesting video story on their site today about a different kind of gas giveaway. No, it wasn't a business trying to draw customers in with the lure of free gas, it's about a church in Massachusetts giving out gas card prizes as a way of meeting the needs of its parishioners. Click here to watch the full video.[...] .. Read More.
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Oil Prices Fall to Lowest Level in Three Months
Oil prices fell to the $111 level Friday, reaching their lowest point in more than three months, reports the AP and Yahoo. The dollar gained some ... Read More

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