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More Used Vehicle Buyers Using Internet in Shopping Process

It's common for new car shoppers to use the Internet for research before they go to the dealership, and the trend is increasing among used vehicle shoppers as well. Sixty-eight percent of used vehicle buyers used the Internet in their shopping process in 2010, which is an increase of five percent from 2009, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Used Vehicle Market Report. Online classi[...] .. Read More.
Best-Selling Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in 2010

Best-Selling Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in 2010

Certified pre-owned vehicles continue to be a popular choice for car buyers. For the additional cost you pay compared to a non-certified pre-owned vehicle, buyers usually receive fully-inspected, reconditioned vehicles with a warranty. With the used car market still experiencing short supply and high demand, prices are up for all used cars, whether they're certified p[...] .. Read More.

Used Car Prices Up Thanks to Success of Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Due to the success of certified pre-owned vehicle sales, the entire used car industry is experiencing a price boost. The average price paid in the U.S. for a three-year-old used vehicle in September was $18,832, estimates. This is an increase of $1,471, or 8.5 percent, from September 2009. "Used cars are in great demand and relatively short supply, so their prices are remarkably [...] .. Read More.
Shoppers are Most Interested in Used Hybrids

Shoppers are Most Interested in Used Hybrids

Kelley Blue Book's Hot Used-Car Report shows which used vehicles online shoppers are researching on its site throughout the month. The data also includes a list of the top and bottom movers that month. The segment with the biggest increase in used car shopper activity was hybrid SUVs, which were up 20 percent compared to August. Hybrid cars, hybrid trucks and hybrid crossovers also saw more consu[...] .. Read More.


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