An Aston Martin Will Once Again be Bond’s Choice

The new Quantum of Solace James Bond flick will see the return of one of the previous movies stars, Bond’s Aston Martin DBS. The Aston Martin brand has long been associated with the character of James Bond, and with this new movie, the company plans to keep it that way.

This time, Bond manages to hang on to his ride for more than 15 minutes. As you recall, in Casino Royale Mr. Bond ends up flipping his beautiful sports car immediately after getting in it. This time, he plans on making it a more permanent fixture in his new adventure.

Though specs on Bond’s DBS have not been released, expect all the gadgets a 12-year-old school boy could dream of, and some extra performance to boot. Quantum of Solace is scheduled for a world-wide release on November 14.


 Perfect for sexy secret agents on the move.