2014 GTI Gets More Power, Better Fuel Economy

By Ross Edwards
Tuesday, Mar 05 2013 16:12

Volkswagen has revealed the new 2014 GTI MKVII and the newest version of the original hot hatch will have a few exciting features for the first time ever. The 2014 VW GTI will have a stop-start system for fuel economy and an optional performance pack that adds 10 horsepower.

Volkswagen claims that with the new stop-start system, which turns the engine off when the vehicle is stopped, the 2014 GTI will have 18% better fuel economy. VW claims that the new MKVII GTI is capable of 36.8-mpg. Volkswagen has no yet stated whether the stop-start function will be available in America, but if they are getting nearly 40-mpg in their performance car, it would seem silly not to bring the system over to the United States.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged 2014 GTI will also have an optional performance package that turns the power up from 220-hp standard to 230-hp. Volkswagen doesn’t specify what exactly changes with the performance package, so it is probably a change in the vehicle’s computer rather than an exhaust or intake modification.


Image via Autoblog.

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