10 Cars You Can Easily Negotiate a Good Deal On

2008 Acura RL

Tomorrow is the start of the 2009 model year and the end of one of the worst-ever years for auto sales. But before dealers can entice you to buy the new 2009 models, they need to sell the remaining 2008 vehicles.
There are certain 2008 models that dealers are so desperate to get rid of that you should have no problem negotiating a great deal on one. has compiled a list of the 10 easiest cars to bargain for. Click here for pictures and pricing information on the 10 cars.
1. Acura RL Sedan (pictured above)
2. Dodge Ram 2500 Quad
3. Audi Q7 SUV
4. Cadillac Escalade SUV
5. Mercedes-Benz E Class
6. Lincoln Town Car
7. Chrysler Crossfire Roadster
8. Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV
9. Ford F-150 Super Crew Pickup
10. Acura TL Sedan